Exx Blockchain Testnet

We are going to test Exx Network today. EXX is a layer 1 blockchain solution for developing user focused DApps and solutions to accelerate global web3 adoption.

In this testnet, we will get some testnet token and make at least one transfer to any address. I will give you my wallet address so that you can send.

Click here to start testnet. Login to that site with one of your social account. Fill the form. Do the social tasks.
Visit here to get some testnet token. If you get any error while getting faucet, leave comment and I will send you some token to make transaction. That’s all.

My wallet address is: 0x00e93a147f19fd1860f0c060281d06e41c974c4a
You can leave your wallet address to get some EXX token from me. Have fun!



Crypto enthusiast

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