As you know, Sui is so much hyped project and Sui Name Service is verified name service of Sui blockchain. They are having Crew3 quests and they are giving away Stork roles in Discord when you reach level 11.

Join Crew3:

There are easy quests daily published. Social tasks are like: like, retweet, reply…

There are some meme quests in which you need to create some memes about the project.

Also there are some writing quests in which you need to write a little article for the project. I recommend you to use the platform to increase your transactions on Sui blockchain.

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Good evening everyone. Mux is a decentralized leveraged trading platform. You can trade crypto with zero price impact, up to 100x leverage and aggregated liquidity. MUX protocol takes care of all the hassles so that you can experience optimized DEX trading on our platform. They have enabled Scroll Alpha Testnet so that you can increase your scroll txs.

Let’s start.

Firstly, go to

Connect your wallet. It will prompt you to change your network to Scroll Alpha Testnet. Select short/long. Enter an amount to trade. Choose leverage and click Long/Short button and approve in wallet.